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proud to distribute for wearwell

AcroMat is proud to be a distributor for Wearwell. This partnership combines our customer focused expertise with a world class matting brand to deliver the best solutions for your facility.

About Wearwell:

"Amidst uncertainty and volatility, Wearwell’s mission remains steadfast and unwavering. We are champions of the standing worker, the loyal and hard-working Industrial Athletes who make our economies tick. These essential workers are the lifeblood of our economy. It is for them—and the world class companies they work for—that Wearwell designs and produces the most highly-engineered matting, ergonomic flooring, and platform systems on the market. At Wearwell, it’s our job to give your team of Industrial Athletes the perfect “field of play” on “game day”…when productivity, safety, and performance are essential. At Wearwell, we create a better workday and deliver results that improve your bottom line from day one."

Contact us today for a quote for any Wearwell products! Call 877.250.2507 or email