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Do you have any studies on the value of anti-fatigue mats?

Anti-fatigue mats have proven to reduce the amount of pressure on the knees, back and feet of a manufacturing worker who has to stand for extended periods of time. Find resources on the benefits of anti-fatigue mats, including reducing turnover, supporting worker health and safety, and more on the AcroMat blog.

What areas can I use these mats?

  • Assembly lines
  • Production
  • Standing desks
  • Shipping stations
  • Machine operators
  • Stand up forklifts on tugs
  • Cleanrooms
  • ESD safe areas
  • Welding shops
  • Food production

Is it better to rent or buy mats?

Renting a mat may seem cost effective in the beginning but over time it will make a large dent in your budget. When purchasing a mat you know the price upfront and you are not bound to a contract. Rental mats tend to be of lower quality and may not fit your needs. Rentals only come in standard sizes which may not work for your space. If you buy a mat you are able to have it made to a size that will fit your space perfectly. Overall, it is important to think about where your mat will be used and how much traffic will go across it.

How much does a custom mat cost?

The price of a custom depends on the amount of square feet. A good rule of thumb is $13.00 per square foot. Adding options such as yellow border, non-slip coating, cable covers, drainage holes all impact the overall price. AcroMat does not charge a customizing fee for custom mats.

How can you stop mats from slipping on the floor?

The most common methods are applying non-slip coating (GCX), using floor tape around the edges (MLS) or a double sided carpet tape underneath to secure the mat to the floor. Custom mats that are designed to fit perfectly usually can’t slip around.

What is the biggest mat you can make? Limit on dimensions?

There is no limit to the overall dimension for a custom mat. The limitation is usually transportation or handling. This can be overcome by having the mat shipped in sections then completing the final bonding onsite.

Do I have to have yellow borders?

No, you do not have to have yellow borders. When you are customizing your mat, you have the option to choose. AcroMat does not charge any customization fees.

How well do they hold up to oil/coolant fluid?

All the AcroMat 100-1 series mats are impervious to moisture as well as chemical and oil resistant. Even in oily environments the mats retain their anti-slip properties. Drainage holes can be added to assist in extreme oily conditions. Often it is good practice to use an absorbent pad underneath the mat.

How thick are your mats/ can you make different thickness?

The AcroMat 100-1 series are all 5/8” thickness as this is the optimal thickness for a nitrile rubber foam mat. There are many other mat thicknesses ranging from 3/8” up to 1” depending on the material and application.

What are your mats made of?

The AcroMat 100-1 series mats are all made from 100% premium nitrile rubber closed cell foam.

Do you provide samples?


What makes your mats different than others?

AcroMat 100-1 series mats are made from a 100% nitrile rubber compound which makes them more durable than any other foam mats. They come in four different colors and we make them to any shape or size without any customizing fees. AcroMat can be your trusted resource for all things related to anti-fatigue mats.

Do you have distributors?

AcroMat is a direct to the end-user anti-fatigue mat supplier. Every AcroMat order is built and shipped from our facility here in Lakeville, Minnesota. We also have a number of distributors who sell AcroMat mats. Visit our Where to Buy page to see a list of distributors.

What's the lead time?

Whether 5 mats or 50, every order ships within 10 business days. All orders over $100 ship free.

Will your mats hold up to forklifts?

No, any powered equipment is not recommended to be used on mats.

Are mats better than insoles?

Check out our blog post for an article addressing this question.

Do you clean mats?

We only sell mats, not rent or launder them. The 100-1 series mats are all easy to clean and we do also offer a cleaning cart to assist with in-house cleaning.

What's the warranty?

The AcroMat 100-1 series mats are covered by our 2-year full replacement warranty. For more details click here.

Do you install the mats?

We will deliver mats in one piece according to the layout. They can be easily rolled out and installed. If there is a need for bonding onsite we do offer installation for a fee.

How do i know when a mat needs replacing?

Check out our mat inspection checklist to help guide you through this process. Anytime a mat present a hazard it should be removed and replaced.

What happens if we damage it? Can it be repaired?

Yes, with our R100 bonding repair kit, you can remove and replace any section for the 100-1 series mats. Replacement yellow borders are also available.

Are mats always black?

The 100-1 mats come in black, grey, terracotta and yellow.

Are your mats made in the USA?

The material is molded in Taiwan then fabricated into mats in Lakeville, MN.

Will your mats soak up water/oil?

The 100-1 series mats are all closed cell and impervious to moisture. Even if there is a tear the mat still cannot absorb moisture.