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View our anti-fatigue mat catalogue to learn more about the different mat types we offer, specifics and available features, and the customization capabilities to fit your work environment.

We want to reward your kindness for spreading the word about AcroMat! Here's how to submit a referral and the monetary gifts you can choose from every time a new referral is shared.

Use our site survey document to sketch an area that needs a custom mat; email to for a quote.

Use the mat inspection checklist as part of your weekly or monthly safety agenda. It can be used by your team to identify areas where mats could potentially need replacing or hazards eliminated.

Keep your mats looking and functioning at 100% with our simple Cleaning and Care guide. Because our mats are made out of nitrile, cleaning and maintenance is fast and easy.

Get to know our mats with this printable 2-page document, just the facts and figures you need to know.