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At AcroMat, we like to say that custom is standard. We say yes when others say no. In fact, we are so passionate about creating the right mat for every application, that we don't charge any extra for customization. That's right, our mats are the same price per square foot for any shape or size.

Design the mat of your creams

With our AcroSketch Mat Builder you can create the mat of your dreams in under two minutes! Choose the 'Square or Rectangle' option, enter your dimensions and choose your customizations. To create a mat of any shape or size, choose the 'Custom' option and begin drawing and customizing your mat.

Modular Mats To The Next Level

AcroMat custom mats take standard modular flooring tiles to the next level. Easily eliminate the many hours it takes to link together individual tiles by ordering a one piece custom mat that fits your workspace perfectly and can be rolled out within seconds. Even if your workspace design changes, the 100 Series mats can be easily cut to fit the new shape, or added on to with our DIY modification kits. Contact one of our account managers today to learn more - 877.250.2507 |