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Winnebago Industries Saves $150,000 with Custom Anti-Fatigue Mats

Written by
Richard Ward
Published on
February 15, 2023 5:41:41 AM PST February 15, 2023 5:41:41 AM PSTth, February 15, 2023 5:41:41 AM PST


Winnebago Industries, Inc. is a leading North American manufacturer of outdoor lifestyle products – including motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth-wheel products, outboard and sterndrive powerboats, and commercial community outreach vehicles. The company has over 7,000 employees with facilities in Florida, Iowa, Indiana, and Minnesota.

Winnebago was challenged by safety hazards in its production facilities along with hard surfaces and long hours taking a physical toll on manufacturing workers. Only 40% of work areas had anti-fatigue mats, and the lower-quality mats in place were wearing out quickly and providing no ergonomic support.

Safety managers had to replace mats every 4 months due to deterioration and trip hazards, which halted production and stressed the overall safety budget.

Most of the previous matting came in rolls which was cut to length by operators, wasting valuable time and creating additional trip hazards. Teams were also layering and stacking old mats to create comfort for their joints and muscles. The stacking caused trip hazards, and the inconsistent surfaces strained worker health.

Continuing down this path would impact the long-term health and safety of employees. It also would have required the purchase and replacement of more than 19,000 sq. ft. of matting in 2022 alone.

Previous mats were long past their useful life, stacked creating ergonomic inconsistencies and trip hazards, and required frequent reactive purchasing.


Winnebago partnered with AcroMat to design and install nearly 300 custom 100-1 Premium Series and NitriTuf Diamond Series mats in 4 of its manufacturing facilities and warehouses in 2022. AcroMat also helped these facilities standardize their mat strategy.

Standardization involves developing, formalizing, and communicating a consistent mat strategy throughout each facility. When it comes time for new mats, teams know exactly the type of mat and mat features they need. This creates consistent surfaces throughout each work area, eliminates reactive buying, and improves productivity by making the process quick and efficient.

$150,000 in Cost Savings

The previous mat strategy for 16 additional Winnebago locations, projected over five years, was set to cost the company $572,000 in mat disposal and new purchases – not counting potential production lost, health issues, and safety risks. The safety management team developed a plan to standardize these facilities in the same way the four noted above were. 

Investing in AcroMat 100-1 Series and NitriTuf Diamond Series mats, which last up to 8 years, is set to save these 16 facilities more than $150,000 over five years.

On average, each of the 16 facilities will save over $2,000 a year – expenses that can now be allotted to other health and safety initiatives.  

Custom 100-1 Series

Custom NitriTuf Diamond Series

Environmental Impact

The previous mats lasted just 4 months, creating a heavy accumulation of waste. Teams were throwing away thousands of pounds of anti-fatigue mats each year. The AcroMat 100-1 Series and Diamond NitriTuf Series mats last up to 8 years.

They can be cleaned without breaking down, repaired if rips or tears develop, and easily trimmed and repurposed to extend lifespans.

Winnebago is deeply committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability. By investing in premium anti-fatigue mats and using proactive care and cleaning measures, the company has reduced mat waste from hundreds of pounds every few months to zero pounds for up to 8 years.

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Custom NitriTuf Diamond Series

Custom 100-1 Series

Health and Safety Support

The 100-1 Series and NitriTuf Diamond Series mats are made from 100% nitrile rubber foam. The 5/8 in. thick matting is scientifically designed to not compress over the mat’s entire lifespan, providing Winnebago employees with long-term and consistent ergonomic support – limiting fatigue and joint impact, supporting healthy circulation, and offering more comfort for workers who stand long hours.

Additional health and safety benefits experienced by Winnebago workers:

Anti-slip properties. The anti-slip properties have reduced slipping hazards on top of the mats. The properties also prevent mats from sliding in areas where metal shavings and other particles can accumulate.

Super bevels. The 20-degree yellow “super bevels” create a smooth surface for workers to roll carts over, improving productivity. They also reduce the risk of tripping by creating a smooth transition on/off mats. The yellow borders also more clearly highlight entry and exit points.

Antimicrobial. The mats are antimicrobial, liquid proof, and chemical resistant, which supports worker health by preventing harmful growth of microbes like mold, fungi, and viruses. The mats don’t allow liquids to penetrate, which can cause mats to crack and limit lifespans. The chemical-resistant and liquid-proof properties enable workers to simply wipe up particles and spills without concern. 

Custom 100-1 Series

Designed with AcroSketch, Winnebago's fully customized mats wrap around equipment and cover entire work areas – reducing trip hazards, eliminating constant on/off transitions, and providing critical ergonomic support.

Employee Testimonials

“The new mats are much better. My feet aren’t sore anymore. I like that they go around the whole table. Makes the work go smoother being able to move around the whole area.”

“The new mats don’t rip like the old ones did. Before, you’d drop a part or a tool, and it would tear a hole right through the old ones. The new ones are more durable and a lot more comfortable.”

“My back and knees feel a lot better, and these​ ones don’t tear like the old ones. My whole body just feels better using these.”

“I don’t trip as much like when we had to stack them together.​ More comfortable, feels like wearing a good pair of shoes.”

Watch: Winnebago Industries Employee Testimonial

Combined with strategic safety and engagement initiatives, Winnebago has elevated employee health, safety, and productivity. The safety management team continues to implement AcroMat anti-fatigue mats throughout their facilities – further improving the company’s trajectory of cost savings and budget flexibility.

Learn more about Winnebago’s commitment to employee health and safety, including how the company reduced its total recordable incident rate by 70% in 2022: Corporate Responsibility Report


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