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What Does “Custom Anti-Fatigue Mats” Really Mean?

Written by
Richard Ward
Published on
January 18, 2023 2:48:26 PM PST January 18, 2023 2:48:26 PM PSTth, January 18, 2023 2:48:26 PM PST

AcroMat is a manufacturer of custom anti-fatigue mats. When we say custom, we mean any shape, size, angles, or cutouts. Mats that wrap around machinery, cover entire workspaces, L-shapes, S-shapes and M-shapes, whatever safety managers need to reduce safety hazards and improve employee health and comfort. 


Through conversations with safety managers and specialists, we’ve learned promises of custom often don’t follow through. We looked up 10 manufacturing companies that promote "custom anti-fatigue mats" to learn more.

Here's the truth about some of the top returned searches, and a closer look at the pain points shared during these conversations. 


Search No. 1

This manufacturer gives you the ability to order different-sized rectangles in black, black with yellow borders, or grey. The custom option is strictly width and length. 

Search No. 2

This manufacturer gives you the ability to order different-sized rectangles in black or grey. It’s possible to select two different mat thicknesses, but the extent of the custom feature is width and length.


Search No. 3

Despite promoting "endless possibilities," this manufacturer gives you the ability to create mats with custom graphics, patterns, words, and colors. The only shape offered is a rectangle that comes in one size.

Search No. 4

This manufacturer gives you the ability to order two thicknesses and multiple colors, along with widths from 2-5 ft. and up to 75 ft. in length.

These are all valuable features for the right situation, and most mats are premium quality. But rectangles aren't custom. Different patterns, logos, and phrases are a neat future, but it’s not what safety managers need to reduce trip hazards and elevate the safety of their teams. 


Of the 10 mat providers we researched, none allowed users to create and order a truly customized mat shape – one that wraps around machinery, has a combination of yellow beveled edges and flat cable covers built in exactly where they're needed, or covers a complex work station to avoid constant on/off stepping.

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A Broken Arm Spurred this Search 

The Toro Company, a leading lawn maintenance and turf product company, shared with us that a few years ago a worker fell and broke their arm due to rectangular mats that were different sizes and thicknesses, stacked and pieced together. The inconsistencies and exposed cement flooring created a trip hazard in tight areas.

They didn't know custom mats were an option before partnering with AcroMat.

The before shows where The Toro Company worker tripped and broke their arm. After is the custom mat they designed using our mat builder AcroSketch.

We had another client email us after searching for "custom anti-fatigue mats" through Google:  


"Searching for L-shaped mats came up only with 1) mats that came in jigsaw puzzle type pieces that you have to interlock, and I didn’t want that, or 2) one long and one short mat that I would have to lay next to each other. So, I started using 'custom anti-fatigue mats' for my search. I actually requested a sample from [Company No. 1 above], but when I went to order the mat, they said they couldn’t do the L-shape, even though they advertised 'any size and shape.'"  

Another safety manager we talked to said their biggest issue is, "Our operators are taking the rectangular mats we order and cutting them to fit their areas."

Trip hazards. Ergonomic challenges. Productivity barriers.


We want safety managers to have the ability to truly prioritize the safety, health, and productivity of their teams. So, we created a custom mat builder called AcroSketch, the first and only tool of its kind. AcroSketch gives you the ability to design the mat you need with no limitations.


Any shape. 


Any size. 


Any pivots. 


Any angles. 


Any cutouts. 


Three different colors. 


Multiple surfaces made from 100% nitrile rubber foam depending on work environment. 


Multiple thicknesses. 


Custom cable covers as flat as the mat. 


Beveled edges designed standard with every mat.

Yellow 20-degree beveled edge option, or not, or a combination. 


Zero added costs for customization. 


Designed and delivered as a single mat, no individual pieces, interlocking, stacking, or overlapping.

Mats that lasts up to 8 years, can be cleaned and even repaired. 


You can design it all yourself with AcroSketch. In brief, if you can imagine it, you can design it. We can build it. 

Here’s two examples of AcroSketch in action: 

General manufacturing facility

Windows and doors manufacturer

Custom anti-fatigue mats reduce tripping hazards by removing the need to stack mats, overlap mats, push separate pieces together, or have multiple different styles all with different surfaces and ergonomic qualities.


Try AcroSketch to build the custom anti-fatigue mat you need. 

Questions about the content above? Have a pain point you think can be solved with a truly custom-shaped mat? Unsure where to begin or what shape is ideal for your workspace(s)?

Submit your questions below and we'll follow up within the hour!

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